Dear friends, right now Kalevala is working on our next album. We don't want to reveal all the secrets at this moment, but we can definetely tell you that you are going to witness a new era of Kalevalian folk and, as usual, a good universe of folk music!

Our new release of karaoke-versions is now avaliable on Youtube!

Comrades! KALEVALA is glad to invite you 
to celebrate our 7 years of pure folk-metal!
A giant three hour birthday show will be held at the Rock House club, Moscow.
It is going to be a massive set of only the best songs by Kalevala and a special
block of favorite traditional Cossak songs. 

We are glad to present you our new CD: karaoke-version of our songs "Govori so mnoy"!


Kalevala is happy to present our first instrumental "Volchiy Zov" (The Wolvenry) which is to become an official anthem of Folk Summer Fest - 2014. 

Kalevala's performance (watch online)

Kalevala performed song "Yarilo" at the Kremlin's Red Square in Moscow and congratulated all the Russian on the Day of Russia!

Now you can by our new EP "Dokhu ja kupila" and a T-shirt!

Buy a new EP here!

All Kalevala's releases are now available on iTunes!

Kalevala on iTunes