“Kalevala” was established in spring 2007, after Ksenya's leaving of the Russian group “Nevid”.
On the 15th of April,2007 after ф performance in Penza, it was clear that  Ksenya’s and Lesyar’s  staying in “Nevid” was impossible, so there, in Penza, Ksenya had a talk about a creation of a joint project with guitarist Nikita, as he had some folk music material which was insufficiently rigid for Nevid, but quite interesting. “Nevid” returned home without Ksenya, as she had left the city by train before.
The time had passed and  Ksenia had first lyrics for Nikita’s music :”Darling”, “River to river” and “Goy, Dear! ”etc. at the same time they were searching for musicians for the band.

Nikita invited his bosom-friend - accordionist Olen’ (Deer) with whom he had participated in the Russian folk orchestra at the musical school. Ksenya made an acquaintance with Bumblebee – a bass player  and vocalist of “Rarog” and he willingly took an invitation to play with the unnamed for that time folk-metal band.

The place at the drums was taken  by  Bumblebee’s acquaintance - Mark, the drummer of the band "Krakatau", but it was only for one jam, on the 2nd his place took Vasiliy from  trash-death band "Reborn in chaos". So the structure was finally approved and since July 2007 constant jams have  started.
The name of the band wasn’t chosen  accidentally.
First of all Ksenya’s  Finnish nature. The 2nd thing is that All songs were written under the influence of Finnish folklore music and famous Finnish bands such as "Korpiklaani", "Finntroll", etc. though the influence  of Russian national folklore is great too. And The third, Bumblebee had a T-shirt which bore an  inscription “Kalevala", which   gave no rest for all band’s members. So,  they decided to name The band "Kalevala", but naturally it  spelled in Russian like  «Калевала».
The group was ready to appear before the public on the 27th of September, 2007 and  demo of 2 songs was recorded.

"Goy,dear"( music -Nikita/lyrics -  Kseniya) 
"The cowboy"( music Nikita/lyrics A. Ahmatova) 

The Demo made a success on the internet and had many affirmative replies. At the same time There  wasn't a good substitute for ksenia in Nevid, therefore Nikita decided to leave the band and concentrated on "Kalevala".